Are you juggling kids, pets, work, and errands? 24/7?

Trying to keep all the balls in the air…and feeling like your alwasys dropping a few? Are you dragging through each day looking forward to when you head can hit hte pillow for some rest? Then tossign and turnign all night becasue of everythign that is on your mind?

Ug! Really is this all there is. Work, home, then all the tasks at home, errands, sleep. All that mixed in wi the Tsumani of never-ending emails.

And then you get to do it all over again tomorrow?

We’ve been there. It stinks!

And there is another way. It’s almost so simple it can’t be. Yoga. Yes, yoga. It will change your life.

We do yoga, all different kinds. Classes at your office, special workshop and online.

Yes, online. You log into to a live yoga class with a real teacher. See more below.

Give us a call at 215.870.7775 to learn more about workplace programs and check out our calendar for special workshops for groups and individuals.


What is OnLINE Yoga?

The easiest way to take yoga classes — a LIVE, experienced yoga teacher delivered to your desk or your home. Classes fit into your life because they are convenient and come to you. OnLINE Yoga teaches you proven techniques to keep your body and mind healthy so you can live well, think well and excel.

Click on the OnLINE Yoga Class you’d like to attend below to register. ŸYou’ll receive a pass code to login to FuzeBox from your computer, ipad or cell phone.

Yin Yoga: Wednesday 1/29 7:00- 8:00pm
Yoga Break: Tuesday 2/4, 3:00- 3:15pm
Yoga@Work: Wednesday 2/12, 12:0 – 12:30pm

For group rates for your organization or to schedule a special class or program call 215-870-7775.