Is it possible to feel sexy while pregnant?

When you are pregnant, many visible changes occur all over your body. You gain weight, you have new curves and weekly change in shape and your tummy swells big. Inside of you, too you experience fatigue, depressed, unsexy, insecure and sick. However, the good news is that you can feel sexy while pregnant. ‘Sexy’ and ‘Pregnant’ probably does not seem to work together or are we wrong. For some sexiness comes easy while for others it takes some work to feel sexy while pregnant.  Being sexy is very subjective. ‘Sexy’ has no definition, it can differ from people to people, and how one perceives. Sexiness has nothing to do with your physical body. It is just a state of mind. Therefore fee sexy when pregnant could mean feeling comfortable in a body you are finding new and unfamiliar.

  1. feel sexy while pregnantChange you dress- You find your old clothes no longer fit your new body. Choose a dress that you find comfortable wearing and you feel sexy about. Many woman in their pregnancy wrongly put on oversized maternity clothes, however, now you can go to any leading shopping stores to buy fashionable and attractive clothes designed particularly for pregnant woman. Therefore, being sexy while pregnant is easily achievable
  2. Your hair matters – Capitalize on the science, which says pregnant woman tend to have shiny, healthy and silky hair. You can tie around your hair, twist and change from your regular style. However, getting a haircut or colouring during pregnancy is not advisable.
  3. Try some nail art- As hair and skin, nails of pregnant woman are attested to grow fast and healthy. Why not take the advantage of the long nails. You can try nailing art or spend time on a spa to get some nail makeover.
  4. Feeling sexy while pregnant is all about finding what you like and what you enjoy, do the simple little things that brings satisfaction and fullness in you. Do not worry about how others perceive, you should feel confident and happy for what you are.
  5. Talk to your spouse if you want have sex .There is nothing to be ashamed about it. Being sexy while pregnant comprises everything you feel comfortable.


Finally, you are carrying a new life and being pregnant is an unmatched experience.  It is a great to be a pregnant and it gives you awesome feel.

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