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How to manage family screen time?

There was a time when screen time meant only Television. Now you have at least two smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, kindle and computer games. Screen time comprises everything except for when a device is meaningfully used for family interaction such as reading together on Kindle. We cannot blame the digital devices; we are all have misused the technology; therefore we all should equally share the blame.

How many times have we ever had our dinner with family without using our phones or how many times we sat together as family on a table? We all know, in our family at least there was one member on the table who was so engrossed on the phone and left off the table with head down on the phone.

manage family screen time

It is common to see a disconnection in the family when each of us has our own pixilated device simulating an artificial world; eventually we forget the environment around us. Experts say that, there should be technology rules for family. Parents should be responsible digital citizens and set an example for their kids. All begins with when you limit cell phone use when you reach home. You can follow the simple strategies and establish technology rules for family and get connected with your kids and housemates like good old days.

  1. Set a time- Set a time and duration for your kids and family to follow rules for screen time. You should decide a time when your kids can play on their phones, while for teens they may be stubborn and sneak out of the rules. However, you should make the rules strict and reward them through activities that keep them interesting than hooked on cell phones
  2. Think creatively to establish family bonding- Some parents create artificial blackouts, as faking power failure will force kids to look for playing with family. On other hand internet, usage can be stopped by using tools that stop internet services for a customized length of time. This way you can create technology rules for family.
  3. Let kids use devices- Yes, we are serious, choose a day in a week where they can totally wreck and binge watch YouTube or TV for whole day, this should be on technology rules for family just so they do not feel pressurized.


In conclusion, parents should take the responsibility and set a good example for their kids in responsible use of digital devices.

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