Sunrise flow

This weekend I traveled to the beach. As the morning sun rose, I laid out my yoga mat on the deck to practice some yoga. The sun was bright and warm on my face and I was feeling very happy.

I decided to practice through a sun salutation. As I reached to the sun and stretched, my body began to open up. Folding forward the blood began to really flow. Then pressing back into downward dog, the stretch deepened in my body.

Down into chaturanga and pressing up into up dog my heart expanded. Then pressing back into downward dog I was noticing the flow of the sun salutation.

Stepping my feet forward between my hands then lifting myself up into a full stretch reaching towards the sky. I ended the sun salutation with the palms to the center of the heart.

I noticed throughout the day that moments in my life began to flow together one into the other. This reminded me of how I started the day with the sun salutation. I am now beginning to place one sun salutation at the beginning of each of my days.

When you’re on your yoga mat and in your asana practice, the physical practice of yoga, notice the flow from one posture to the other. As your day progresses notice how each moment and each situation flows into the next. Enjoy the ride.

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Christopher Coan
deliver me wellness