No protection

When my son was little he once complained that he had a whole slew of bad days. He predicted that the next few days ahead of him looked even worse. I said “Nope, it can’t be. No one gets to hog all of the bad days—or the good ones.”

It’s true. The way nature works is that no season, weather, temperature or condition can sustain over any extended length of time. That is a good thing. Some like it hot and some like it cold. Some days flow easily with what you had in mind and other days are like nails on a chalk board. There are ups and downs. There are joys and sorrows. There is fear and courage.

Lately it feels like a struggle for me to readjust to life since my trip to Costa Rica. There I was in my heaven. Nature all around me. Hot, humid weather. My hair looked awesome. Beautiful food, conversations and experiences that shifted some significant things for me. I felt grounded and had a sense of clarity. Getting away is like that. It can expand your life experience to a new place of happiness and bliss. Leaving that place and coming home and getting back into the swing of things, even though I love my work and I truly missed my friends and family, has not been an easy transition.

This happens. Like nature, life is a cycle. They can’t be avoided. It’s how you navigate through them that really matters. What are your go to things when life starts feeling uncomfortable? Exercise, practicing yoga, sitting in meditation, connecting with people who support you, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, eating healthy food? It’s the things we turn to when it’s not so easy that really define who we are.

Can you sit with your discomfort like you’d sit with a beloved friend who was sick? Can you sit patiently with yourself extending empathy and love. Or is it a race to see how effectively you can distract and numb yourself?

I’ve been watching what I do and noting the things that really help me, and the things that just make my life more complicated and make things feel worse.

What about you?

I want life to be simple, like child’s pose. Bowing down and surrendering to all the things I cannot control and coming back to my mat, especially when things are not going as I had hoped, or planned. In this position I acknowledge I am just one tiny human. That’s it. Putting it all down and just resting for a few minutes. There is nothing to do. I stay there as long as I need to. Then I get up and get on with life. Nothing has really changed. I just sat with what is. And usually that is enough.

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Alice Dommert
deliver me wellness