Flat tire help

I drive a lot of miles in a day, a week and a month. This gives me the opportunity to appreciate my car.

A month ago my car indicated the air pressure in one of the tires. Cars are getting more sophisticated these days. A chime would sound and a warning light would come on when I started the car.

My body does a similar thing. When I’m sick or hurt. I will feel pain, sadness, anxiety or tiredness.

In my busy spring summer schedule I neglected to heed these warning “lights.” In response I noticed feeling more tense while driving or even leading up to driving. This continued until one day when I had to be somewhere important and be on time.

I walked outside and low and behold my tire had finally given out. The warning signs had been there. I’d ignored them. My tension soared as I realized I was going to be late.

I took three deep breaths and let it all go. My appointment was fine with rescheduling. Now I finally took the time and fixed the tire.

Afterwards I felt great. No more tension, stress or anxiety while driving. The lesson reminded me of paying attention to the warning signs and attending to what needs attention. This action alleviates unwanted and unnecessary feelings. Being in action creates space for the wanted, and desired, good feelings.

Can you be in action in your life? Have a great day!

Be well…it’s a state of mind.

Christopher Coan
deliver me wellness